Thursday, November 17, 2016

When is “Wrong” not Wrong?

So, the furor over Donald Trump’s election continues on a daily basis. Both sides really need to get a grip and move on to more productive efforts.

Having said that, I need to partially revisit a post I made last month. In Overtime Simmer I covered several issues of interest, including a recent appeals court case of a NLRB decision. The importance, as I mentioned in my earlier post, is in Judge Patricia Millett’s opinion, as it relates to numerous other NLRB rulings that allow and therefore condone behavior on the picket line or in other union or union organizing activities that would be strictly illegal in any other workplace setting.

What does this have to do with what’s going on now and the protests against President-Elect Trump? I’m so glad you asked…….

Many of those protesting, as well as the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign and too many other Democrats to count, continue to criticize and condemn Donald Trump for inappropriate things he has said in the past in reference to women, immigrants, and others. And they should condemn those comments. We all should. They say they are now afraid that these comments predict widespread discrimination and harassment. I guess they don’t understand that federally approved discrimination and harassment occur on an almost daily basis. Read on…

Shouldn’t our criticism and condemnation extend to all instances of such behavior? If you listen to some of these folks, maybe not. President Obama and many in his administration have been actively supporting and promoting unions. (Anyone remember the "worker voice summit"? And that’s just one example of the active support and promotion I’m referring to.) How can they actively support and promote a federal agency that allows, condones, and I submit, therefore encourages this same type of behavior – and worse?

It’s wrong to hurl racial slurs at people, it’s wrong to fling sexual or ethnic slurs at people. It’s wrong to sexually assault anyone. We all know this. Or, at least I thought we all knew this. It becomes painfully clear that when it comes to unions and their activities, that there are many, including President Obama and his administration, who do not think those things are wrong. That my friends, is not only the height of hypocrisy, but it is also Just. Plain. Wrong.

I would so love to hear an explanation from these folks concerning this stunning inconsistency.

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