Thursday, July 17, 2014

10 Annoying Coworkers

Work is hard, and every work place has its frustrations; we usually manage to deal with them and even enjoy our job a good part of the time. But, there’s always one person (at least) that just sets our teeth on edge or our hair on fire. Here are 10 annoying coworker traits that are common irritants (and a bonus, just because!). If you see yourself in any of these, wise up before your coworkers super-glue you to your chair.

Being Too Chatty. Spend too much time engaging in small talk instead of working and your coworkers may start to avoid you; and your boss certainly won’t appreciate the never-ending stories about your absolutely adorable puppy, or your jerk of a boyfriend.

Grossing People Out. Coughing and sneezing like crazy, clipping your fingernails or toenails, or picking your nose or fingernails and then touching a piece of shared office equipment? Yeah…..cut it out. Now. 

Lunch Thief. Nothing’s worse than looking forward to having those wonderful leftovers from last night and discovering they have gone missing – again.

Stinky Lunch. Are you frequently using the community microwave to heat up foul or pungent foods? Once in a while might be excusable, several times a week will set off even the most patient of us.

Stinky People. Coworkers who don’t bathe regularly or don’t wash their clothing regularly. Ewww. Or, those who bathe in their cologne.

Coming to work sick. And then complaining about it all day (also, see "Grossing People Out").

TMI. Overshares extremely intimate details about their sex life.

Still Sends Chain Emails. ‘Nuff said.

Causing Chaos on Conference Calls. Being the source of distracting background noise during a conference call. We can hear you eating lunch; talking to other people or slurping your coffee. You’re also the one who puts your phone on hold and we have to sit through the awful hold music until you come back.

Can You Top This? You have an even better story. You always have a better story.

Can You Hear Me Now? There’s that coworker who practically shouts into the phone. His voice is so deafening you can't hear yourself think.

What’s your most annoying coworker story? Regale us in the comment section.

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